Chilled Air Flown Salmon Fillet (Sashimi grade)


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Fillet (400g) - 2-3 pcs
Salmon Tail fillet (400g) - 1 pc

Our salmon fishes come from either Norway or Tasmania.  (空运冰鲜三文鱼)

Sashimi grade which can be eaten raw. 

Air-flown fresh Salmon farmed in Norwegian cold & clean waters off the coast of Norway. A versatile fish prepared with the skin on for ease of cooking and to give a fuller flavour. Cold Water seafood generally takes a longer time to grow thus this gives more fat to the fish. Our sashimi-grade Salmon has a mild to rich flavour with a tender, flaky texture.

Nutritional value: Rich in protein, vitamin A, D, and B12, antioxidants, and Omega-3s.

Best way to cook:
Baked, Broiled, Cured, Pan Seared, Poached, Raw, Grilled, Fried

* All fish are gutted, cleaned and immediately vacuum-packed to maintain freshness

* Gutting & Scaling will reduce the gross weight of fish by 10-15%
* 100% preservatives and additives-free
* Fish sizes will vary depending on the catch of the day. We will always adjust the weight to the value you paid

Fresh from the port
Quality assurance
Affordable fresh seafood