Chinese Pomfret - Frozen


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Whole Fish 350g ( up to 400g) - 350-400克
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Chinese pomfret (Dao Dai/本地斗鲳) is a diamond shape with dull silver, pewter-coloured body.

Chinese Pomfret is popular steamed. 

Chinese Pomfrets are high in Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which helps to reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases. Chinese Pomfrets also contain the minerals iron and magnesium.

Type: Frozen

Best way to cook: steam and pan-fried

* All fish are gutted, cleaned and immediately vacuum-packed and frozen to maintain freshness
* Gutting & Scaling will reduce the gross weight of fish by 10-15%
* 100% preservatives and additives-free
* Fish sizes will vary depending on the catch of the day. We will always adjust the weight to the value you paid

What is the difference between Chinese Pomfret and white Pomfret?
The easiest way to recognize this fish is to look at the ventral ( bottom) fin. The White Pomfret has a sharp tipped fin while the Chinese Silver Pomfret has a blunt fin. The Chinese Silver Pomfret also tends to be more round in shape and more of a speckly grey when compared to the White Pomfret.


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