Norwegian Salmon Promotion


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Whole fish (4-4.5kg)
Half fish (1.8-2.2kg)
Combo package (Fillet 400G) + MingHa Parwn (200G)

RM 288 For whole fish (4-4.5kg) - Free homemade fish balls (10 pieces) & prawn taufu (5pcs)

RM 138 For half fish (1.8- 2.2kg) - Free homemade fish balls (10 pieces)

RM 45 For Fillet (400g) and Ming Ha prawn (200g, normal price Rm54) 

If you have special instruction for whole and half fish cutting, kindly pls leave a note or contact our customer services via whatsapp. 

Fresh from the port
Quality assurance
Affordable fresh seafood